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Eagle Ridge Exotic Shorthairs

"We cannot say enough about how thrilled we are with our beautiful, exotic shorthair, Maggie, and Eagle Ridge Exotic Shorthairs! Maggie has not only lived up to, but has surpassed the expectations we had for this breed. She is so smart, playful and affectionate with just enough independence that you know she is a cat. It is easy to see that Lynn and Rob love their cats. When we visited, we saw what a clean and caring home environment they provide their cats and kittens. They did such a wonderful job caring for and socializing Maggie before she came to us. This was evident by how healthy she was when we met her and how easily she transitioned to our home. Lynn and Rob even provided lots of information and tips for feeding, grooming and vet care to make sure she would continue to thrive. We highly recommend Eagle Ridge Exotic Shorthairs!"
"Getting my kitten from Eagle Ridge Exotic Shorthairs was such a great experience! The amount of communication and helpfulness was well worth being farther away than I hoped. Even though I couldn't meet my kitten until I picked him up I felt like I was there the whole time. I was given a warm welcome when I picked him up and everything I needed to know to take good care of him. I highly recommend Lynn and Rob to anyone interested in getting an exotic shorthair. Spaghetti is such an amazing pet and companion. He was really well socialized already by the time I got him and he has no fear even at the vet! He is very playful, healthy, and really is everything I was looking for. If you want an exotic shorthair then you found the best place to get one right here."
"Lynn, this cat is absolutely amazing. Incredible personality. He is just so loved by everyone. He is very very loving and likes to sleep behind our heads :)

You can tell he is used to being handled and he is just so so awesome.

Thank you for everything!!"

Oh our daughter LOVES him. She’s very good with using his toys to play with him - they can entertain each other for hours! 

He had his vet appointment last week, he weighed 3lbs. Everything looks great - the vet had to show him to the rest of the staff because he was too cute!

He was being such a goofball for quite some time today before snuggling up for the rest of my daughters nap.

He has also mastered getting over our baby gates so it’s been easier to isolate the two other cats while he scampers about the house 😆
"Just a note to let you know we are at a point where we don't know what we would do without our little love. Her and Max have a relationship that is so cute to see. She sleeps with Gregg and I at night, greets us at the door for kisses when we get home,  and when someone is having ice cream, she tries to stick her whole face in the bowl. 😁 

You did an amazing job with her. She's awesome.What a beautiful, loving, sweet sweet girl. She seems to be settling in quite nicely and loves all her toys. We love her already. :)  She is such a love! And good! My goodness, we've had kittens before, and they weren't half as good as she is. Max taught her to use her scratching post and now that's all she uses. He's pretty proud of that!  

She is absolutely the perfect addition for our family. We are so in love with her. That face. That adorable squish face. I could just eat her up!"

"Hi Lynn,

We have been enjoying Rocket SO much. He is the *perfect* cat and everyone who meets him falls in love. (Especially my dad who has a brittish shorthair now who he loves to death and says this is the only kitten that may be cuter than "Rufus" (his cat)). :)

OmG is he cute!! Watching him eat right now and feeling so blessed. We love him so!"
"Hi Lynn,

He's incredible, so full of energy, playful and super affectionate. I feel so lucky to have him in my life. I'm so grateful to you and Rob for raising him and entrusting me with him. "

"Hi Lynn,

We got her! She is adorable!  We are incredibly happy. She is eating and drinking regularly and is happily exploring the house.  We absolutely are in love with Horchata. She is such a sweetheart. She has her next vet visit (4 month vaccinations). She seems to be growing so fast--I can't wait for the vet to tell us how much she weighs now."
"Misty is doing great! She is up to 5 1/4 pounds now. She is a real joy. She came to me very well socialized. She is lovable and fun. She loves her new friend and he loves her!

She really is a joy and became comfortable in my home very quickly."

"I wanted to tell you that Biscuits has a special bond with our son, and it’s so cute. This is his first pet (that he can remember) and he is timid around animals in general. Biscuits seeks him out and has totally won him over. Tell your daughters that they clearly have been very good cat mamas, and we thank them. Biscuits has been very gentle with our son, while he learns how to handle him properly (picking him up and carrying him correctly). 

We love our new kitty so much! Thank you!"


  Everything went well with Oliver's well kitten check by my vet and he received his two shots. He loves to retrieve this blue brush as you'll see in one picture. 

  My vet would like to use the picture of him and Maxx. As you'll see there is also a neat picture of Maxx telling him a joke, and whispering in his ear. They are inseparable. He has also learned to climb to the top of the cat tree (12 feet) (picture 4) and throws out the stuffed animals.

  He currently is sitting next to me at my desk. He puts his paw on me and gently puts out his claws when he wants to be put on the desk.


I wanted to let you know that Biscuits has been neutered. Everyone at the vets was in love with him. :) we are too. He is the most amazing sweetest cat and I wish I could buy your smoke too. And the cream you just posted. :)


This always makes me chuckle cuz I wasn’t sure they’d get along with the rabbits lol

Tuesday, August 21st
Chico’s Time Line

Got to my new Fur- ever home around 6:45 pm. I was introduced to a lot of new toys, food & water and my litter box. I was told this would be “Chico’s” room. I spent the first 30 minutes carefully sniffing every corner, toy, my feeding tray and litter box. I decided I felt safe and started playing with the toys. My new owner put a gate in the door way for my protection. I wanted to show her that I didn’t need to be restrained and immediately climbed up and over the gate. Yah! This is fun. Oh look stairs! I’m going to climb right up there. Then my owner grabbed me, scratched my ears and put me back in my room. I had a little something to eat and then it was time for bed. My owner closed the door so I couldn’t get out of my room. I cried for a few minutes not knowing what was happening but then I fell asleep.

Wednesday, August 22nd
My owner came down stairs to see me this morning around 7:00am. I was happy to see her and ran right over to her. She cleaned up the food I had spilled on the floor and gave me a big hug. She washed my face and then she put up a much larger gate in the doorway for my protection. I showed her right away that I did not need any extra protection. I climbed right up the big screen and wiggled it until it came loose. Yah! I did it again! No restraints for Chico! She then carried me upstairs into the kitchen living room area. This was a new area for me to sniff and explore. There were more toys to play with here and more stairs. Awesome! After a while of playing I decided to go run down the stairs to my room. No, in fact I think I will take the short cut and jump from the top step all the way to the bottom to get to my room. Ohhh, my owner grabbed me, rubbed my ears, said NO! and closed the door so I couldn’t get down the stairs on my own. I guess she won’t be putting up anymore gates or screens to restrain me. Looks like it will be a closed door instead. Bummer – It’s raining today but that’s ok because my owner is going to stay in and play with me all day. Then we will make something nice for supper. Of course I prefer my Blue Wilderness it’s supposed to make me big and strong! I prefer it wet and mushy it tastes good that way.

Thursday, August 23rd
This is my second full day here. I think I’m beginning to like it and feel comfortable in this house. I especially like it when my new Mom lets me sleep in her lap while she works on the computer. I’ve finally got to explore the third floor where the bedrooms are. Hmmm – lots of nooks and crannies to explore around here. I like it when I can stick my head through the stair railings and peek downstairs while I’m way up high. I went to the Vet’s today and met Dr. Scott for a Wellness Check. Everyone at the Vet’s was oohing and ahhing over me and telling me how beautiful I was. Dr. Scott checked me over and said I looked good! I have to go back in a few weeks for my rabies shot. My Mom and Dr. Scott were taking something about neutering in January but I don’t’ know what that is. 

Friday, August 24th
I like it here. My Mom gives me hugs and neck scratches all the time and we like to watch TV together in the evening. I’ve already picked out some favorite places where I can sit and watch the birds outside from the windows. Thank you Lynn and Rob for my wonderful fur ever home! My Mom has attached some pictures of me so you can see how happy I am.

Love and Purrs,
Chico Rey

***UPDATE:  New addition arrived!
Hi there!

Well life in our home has become harmonious. Joy's hissing stopped after 4 days. She is a very good big sister, playing with him, letting him play on his own all the while watching him from afar. She rarely takes her eyes off of him. She buries his pee in the litter box because apparently he doesn't do it correctly. 😆

She does well with rough cat play too. We believe she is teaching him how to defend himself. She never hurts him but does pin him down. He never makes a peep. Never cries. He tries his best. He'll take her down one day, I'm pretty sure. 😄

It's so sweet to watch them together and to watch him play on his own. He is a wonderful baby boy, snuggly, gentle and funny...just like Joy. I truly believe we were meant to have him.  

Our little home is complete. Leo makes a wonderful addition and it fills my heart to know they are such good pals, I don't worry about Joy so much during the day. 😺😺

Tess and Magoo are getting along. Besides playing together, they eat together, lie down next to each other, and give each other kisses. Can you believe it? It's so amazing to me. I never expected things to go so smoothly. I can't tell you how relieved I am.

I took Magoo for his well visit to my vet, Dr. Kate. Well, when I came in with him, she rushed into the waiting room and was jumping up and down and clapping her hands because I finally got a friend for Tess. Then, she immediately opened up the carrier, and took Magoo out, and proceeded to hug and kiss him. She couldn't believe just how sweet and adorable he is. Magoo's visit caused quite a stir, to say the least. All of the technicians came running in to see him and pet him. I've never heard so many "Oh my God's" in all my life. Dr. Kate actually asked me where I got Magoo. I told her, and she may be contacting you in the near future about getting a kitten when you have one available! She must have spent at least an hour with us - she didn't want to leave Magoo. Do you know what she asked me? She asked me if she could be his "Auntie". I told her, of course. When I finally got up to leave with him she gave him a big kiss, and said, "Auntie Kate will see you soon." Oh, I almost forgot. She took tons of pictures of him, and is putting them on her facebook page!. Can you blame her?

One more thing, Lynn. I am seeing what you meant when you said that Magoo loves to eat! God bless him, he does love his food. Or, should I say, Tessie's food?

Talk to you soon.

P.S. Hugs and kisses from the most precious little guy in the world!!!
Hi Lynn,

Thought I'd send you some photos of the best cat ever!!!! We adore him and spoil him just like a little kid. He’s playing all day and then drops to sleep with us until next day. He has his distemper and soon will receive his rabies shot. He’s a celebrity in our vet, Lol. The vet says he is in perfect health! We’ll keep in touch...

Thanks so much for everything.
Hi Lynn and Rob, 

I wanted to tell you how happy I am with Gracie. She settled in well, eats well and sleeps quite comfortably on my bed. I generally wake up to her staring me down. My grand children adore her, especially my 4 year Natalie.  Every time she is here visiting, she asks her mom if Gracie can come to her house to play. I am pretty sure Gracie might think that is a great idea.

She is a perfect companion, and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you again for letting Gracie come into my home and life.

Hope the new year brings you only happiness and laughter.

My best to you,

She sleeps with me every night. She holds my finger as she falls asleep....and does this amazing triple purring thing, with numerous tones at once. She's our true, true delight and she is loved SO MUCH! Cant wait for her to get her Christmas presents in the morning!

Can I pleeeease just tell you how MUCH I love this little girl?????  She is THE BEST kitty EVER and makes me laugh about 20 times a day. She follows me EVERYWHERE.
**New addition, "OLLIE"
"Perfect gaming sidekick, lol!"
"She had gotten 1 bunny to play with her, lol! She is so good natured, and fun!!!"
"Spent a long time capturing just the right shot."

"After dinner snuggles ... doesn't get better."

"The love and affection, the loyalty she shows to Ben is truly priceless. Every time she looks for him, follows him, snuggles with him, crawls in his bed, purrs when he touches her puts a smile on his face that I can't explain. It is a pure, sincere happiness by a bond that is already unique for just the 2 of them. Something, until now I couldn't, no matter how hard I tried, give to him. This is because of you, your family, and what you do. You and Mango were brought into my life for a reason … and I am forever grateful."
We decided to name him Percy. 

He’s doing great! He loves looking out the window and doors, I’m working on getting him used to his harness so I can take him out in our garden. He sleeps in our bed every night, usually on my pillow. He has the cutest and fluffiest tail! He’s very playful but also cuddly and sweet. I think his eyes will be a lovely darker copper color. He’s so much bigger than he was just a couple of weeks ago! He has a very healthy appetite. I just started adding salmon oil to their wet food and they LOVE it. 

Hi Lynn,

Hope all is well with you. The boys are doing terrific (pics attached)! They fully transitioned to wet food and all is good. They are getting more affectionate everyday- They now have so many toys but they play with most of everything that it is hard not to keep buying toys:) We love them so very much. They already developed different personalities even though they are doing everything together (even when one goes to the litter box the other waits for me right by the litter box;)). We are so happy we got two together. Thank you so much again for raising such wonderful/beautiful kittens!