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Eagle Ridge Exotic Shorthairs

"She misses him so much when he's at school, she literally clings to him the minute he gets home. She's actually sleeping like that, stuck to his face, lol! So stinking cute!

They are unique creatures for sure! Super sweet!"
***UPDATE, new addition, Meeko, arrived!  :D
There are no words. Meeko is so chill, he's just rolling around, playing ... not a care in the world. Mango hissed initially, which I'm sure is normal. But she is just laying down, watching him now as she falls asleep. 

Thank you thank you thank you!

We are forever grateful!
This is our second cat from Eagle Ridge and we absolutely LOVE and recommend Lynn and Rob Ingram if you want to have amazing and well raised kitties!!! We had Barry at first and could not resist their awesome temperaments, so we got another kitty called Ramona! 

Thank you so much Lynn and Rob for your dedication and attentiveness with the kitties! 

"Barry" and "Ramona"                    
***UPDATE, new addition, Ramona, arrived!  :D
We have our baby!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We are in love!!!! His name is Leo!!!!  He is adapting so well to his home, and we are all MADLY in love him!!! Thank you again for all you have done to make this process as smooth as possible!!!   I'd say he's adapting very well (and that's a brand new couch!!!)   LOL!!!

She is doing great! Eating really well, soaking her smushed face when drinking water. She likes the food with grain best.

She is a hoot! She runs through our house like a banshee and loves to hide under the beds, then jump out at us. She loves her toys and plays constantly except when she’s sleeping.

I love her so much. Perfect match, she and I.
"IVEY ROSE"                    
Leo is adjusting just perfectly!!! He is IN LOVE with our daughter and she had a sleep over on Saturday night and poor Leo looked lost. The first pic (where he looks like Grumpy Cat) was taken Saturday in her room, he wouldn't leave!!! And boy was he excited when she finally arrived home on Sunday Morning!!!  
Happy Friday from Leo!!!! I cannot stand how beautiful he is!!! OMG, so in love!!! At night when we are relaxing, he picks his "favorite person of the day" and snuggles under their neck, purrs for about 10 minutes and falls asleep. He chooses a different person every night, so cute!!! 
Hi, cuddling with Simon. I got a sling so I can carry him around hands free. Simon is awesome. He has a wonderful personality and is very cuddly. He loves exploring the house and is very playful. He has a lot of toys and is thoroughly spoiled. 

I love him. He is the best kitty!
​Everybody comments on Humphrey's eyes. The look he gives you is just so adorable. We found out that Chester is a ham and loves his picture taken. Just trying to stop him long enough to get a picture is the issue. He's a big purr ball. Little Humphrey is purring away too but it's just hard to hear him because his purr is so quiet. Humphrey watches Chester and tries to do everything he does. Every day he makes more progress.

They both are so adorable and sweet and we're so happy we adopted both of them together because they are the best of buddies. 
Theodore is unbelievable. I am obsessed with him! I don’t know how I can love a kitty this much!  I can see why people have 2, he would love a friend I am sure. That may be in my future. He is so lovable and he seeks out affection. He also just looks at you intently and takes everything in. He is like a little person! He plays with toys (I bought the ball tower you suggested) and he loves running and chasing. He is so smart. Such a love!!

The vet went crazy! Everyone at the vet was freaking out because he is so cute. I have been diligent with his eyes and everything. You have definitely taught him love and how to be held and cared for. 
I recently adopted 2 kittens from Lynn. One of my kittens was very small and I was in touch with Lynn the entire pregnancy and birth and after. She went to extreme measures to make sure he nursed and survived, She fed him when he was too small to compete with the rest of his litter mates. she was up for hours at a time kissing his little body and telling him he would make it and that he was loved. She was the person who saved his life and made it possible for me to have this beautiful little soul for our family. He is the sweetest and most wonderful kitten anyone could hope for.

His brother is a lot bigger but still the sweetest kitten ever. I've had other kittens from other breeders and did have a lot of health issues with them. The kittens I adopted from Lynn are healthy and beautiful and I appreciate all that she has done to ensure that they are. So for anyone expecting a cheaper version....you get what you pay for.
Thought you would like to see a pic of Ivey.

She is absolutely amazing. Very playful but when she gets tired, she comes to me for love. 

Tomorrow she goes to vet for her rabies shot. The workers there love her so much. They posted her pic on their Facebook page.

Thank you many times over for my love bug.  And oh, she is incredibly smart.

I meant to send you a few pics last night just so that you could see the boys had arrived safely but we got so caught up in the moment that I didn’t want to stop. 
it was a pretty exciting moment when we pulled into the garage last night.

As you can see from the pics, they have not had their feet on the ground very much today! It is easy to see how much they were loved prior to getting here—they are so social and love interaction! We are all so in love with them!

I will definitely stay in touch and send you some updated pics—I can’t imagine how hard it was to let them go!

Take care,
The boys had their vet check yesterday. Of course, they were the cutest boys they had ever seen! Vet said they were healthy and obviously, very loved!

It’s hard to believe we have been home with the boys 2 1/2 weeks! They have acclimated to us like they’ve lived here forever. They are the sweetest, most loving and curious kittens—and they are incredibly smart, too! The girls and I are having the best time watching their little personalities come to life! Theo is my “all in” boy. If there is a challenge he rushes in. Winston is a bit more hesitant. He wants to check things out and then decide if he’s going in. They play hard and then they sleep hard. Thank you for loving on them and socializing them so well!

It was hard to pick just a few pictures 😁 Hopefully these portray just how much they are loved and how well they are doing.
Hi Lynn!

I’ve been meaning to send you an update for awhile now but I keep getting distracted by our cutie pies. So now I’m finally getting around to it. As you can tell from all the pics on Facebook and Instagram, we are obsessed with little Nugget and Dumplin’. They are loving and playful and an all around joy. You and your family did such a fantastic job socializing them. We are still keeping them contained in our guest room but will start letting them explore the house in small adventures this week. We had to wait until we were sure our little peanut girl was big enough to handle the stairs 😊.

They have such great and distinct little personalities. Nugget continues to be a purr machine. He’s the only cat either of us has had that keeps purring even when he is playing. Every time we enter the guest room for a visit, he greets us with loud purrs and rubs up against our legs. And if we don’t pet him right away once we enter that room, he starts with the head butts lol. When he wants that little rub between the eyes that smushie faced cats love, he will “hug” our arms with his front legs and just rub his face back and forth until we deliver. He makes the best faces and constantly keeps us laughing. He is so good with his sister and when he gets too rough (which is rare), it’s usually just because he is such a tank compared to her. We actually joke that we should have named him Hanks the Tank. He still likes to use her for a pillow but she doesn’t seem to mind.

Dumplin’ loves her big brother and they snuggle and groom each other a lot. However, he does have a tendency to steal whatever toy she happens to be playing with. No big deal though because she WILL NOT put up with it lol. Whenever he steals her toy she goes after him with a vengeance. She is fearless and doesn’t seem to know (or care) that he is almost twice her size. One of the nicknames I call her is my little Valkyrie because she is so fierce. But she is also a COMPLETE love. She always greets me with kisses when I come into the guestroom. And if she hasn’t gotten enough kisses, she will use her little paws to pull my face close enough to give me some. Sometimes she even stops in the middle of playing to trot over to me and give me a quick kiss. And of course, she is a big fan of giving Nugget kisses too and still likes to whisper in his ear as you can see from one of the pics I attached to this email.

We couldn’t be happier with our babies. 
"NUGGET" & "DUMPLIN"               
Francesca has a new baby brother
Because sometimes you just need two.  :D
Hi Lynn

The two finally pulled it together! We have buddies! They are inseparable and slept together last night. Thanks again! 
Hi, he is doing wonderful, very playful and full of energy! He is also climbing and jumping. He is eating well and knows where his litter box is!

Thank you so much again for giving us a awesome wonderful boy.
What a sweet little girl she is. She settled in the moment we got home. Slept all night, ate fine, all good. She’s a little Tom-boy & loves playing with my husband. Right now she’s all about him! She follows him around & is so content. She sits on my chest and purrs while I give her little kisses. She’s discovered this little basket & has made it her own already! You’ve done a wonderful job in socializing her & thank you again. 
This little sweetheart has brought so much more love into this home!❤️ She has taken over my chair, along with everything else, but she’s the sweetest little kitty ever. She loves us as much as we love her, so so content right away. That’s from all the love & attention you & your family give these little special gifts right from birth, & it truly shows. Thank you again Lynn. You make a lot of people very happy.
Lynn, Autumn is now 2lbs 5 ounces. She has a special time with me, in the morning when I get up she just loves to snuggle and rock before her breakfast. My baby. She ate and drank, loves to play and cuddle. Everyone loves her and says she is just gorgeous.  She is truly a star, all who see her fall in love.
This kitten is just perfection. He has already fit into our household so well. Since he was adjusting wonderfully and has had no digestion issues we have started to let him explore more. He wants to play with my older cat Meatball so badly but Meatball has no interest lol. Meatball lets him push him around though it is kind of funny. Here is a picture of them sharing Meatball’s favorite bed in my bedroom.
​He is sooooo playful but purrs immediately when you pick him up.  The adjustment was sooo much smoother than anticipated.  Definitely a testament to the time you put in.
Dear auntie Lynn, just an update on how I'm doing. 

My mom took me to the doctor and I'm now weighing 2lbs 6 ounces. I get wiped, brushed and played with every day. At the doctors they all said I was adorable and Dr Weed thought I'd be about 8 pounds. 

How is mom Willow and my sister Echo? I hope you enjoyed my picture. Can my mommy have your address again she'd like to send you cards now and then. My new parents take good care of me and I do loads of purring for them, they like that. 

Hoping everyone is well.
Autumn, Claire and Ray 
Just letting you know how Mochi is doing.  He is wonderful, doing good so far and my daughter enjoys spending so much time with him.
Hi Lynn, I’m having fun in the Christmas bags and paper. I like it here a lot. I am very comfortable and content and everyone loves me so much! I’ll keep in touch. Merry Christmas, Snuggie
E.T. is doing SO well. She's so bonded to both of us and such a good girl! She goes in for her next round of vaccines tomorrow, I'm so excited to see what she weighs because it seems like she's doubled in size in the past couple of weeks! She's still so talkative :) she sleeps in our bed now perched up on our pillows above our head. She's allowed to come and go as she pleases and she still always ends up there to snooze. She's the sweetest love and I can't believe there was life before her!

 Hi Lynn,

We had our first vet appointment today; the babies were absolutely adored by everyone at the vet's office! Much cooing and coddling over them. They said they're in great health and provided me the attached for you to review if needed as their first vet visit. We got on the calendar for later this year for their neutering and future shots. 

Anchovy is the snuggliest cat I have ever owned or encountered, and it's amazing. He curls up on both Aaron and I together (in one picture), likes to fall asleep on me when I read, sits with Aaron when he's gaming - and Waffles likes to sit on my desk while I'm working too (pictured). And they both just love each other so much.

They're doing great! We love them dearly! 
Happy 4th from us and our wonderful Annie!
Hi, here’s our wonderful sweet Annie!
She’s very smart and sleeps in bed with us every night . She loves getting brushed and loves belly rubs …,which is every day.
We have never ever had a cat like her….and we have had quite a few over 46 years!
Thank you for bringing her into our life!!!!

Life doesn’t get any better than this! My three beautiful boys Christmas, Truman, and Finnegan make my world a better place. The love and joy they bring to my life is almost unexplainable. They sense my every emotion! Working with Lynn and Rob has been amazing. Not only am I blessed to have these three beautiful boys; but I have been fortunate enough to find a new friend and her beautiful family!