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Eagle Ridge Exotic Shorthairs

About Eagle Ridge Exotic Shorthairs
Eagle Ridge Exotic Shorthairs is a family-owned business.  In the beginning we purchased our male Cameo Persian, Simba, who recently passed at 14 years of age in 2018.  He was truly the inspiration to what we now have to offer.

After being around many lifelong Persian pets with my parents and many tabby American Shorthairs as an adult, I grew to adore the qualities and human-like nature of the breeds.  

After much research we discovered the perfect mix!  The Exotic Shorthair, which is a mix of the Persian and the American Shorthair.  What a perfect family member this mix brings into every household that it graces!

Here at Eagle Ridge Exotic Shorthairs, we have started with the best pedigreed and health cleared Exotic Shorthair lines to bring you a true family member that has proven history of health, temperament and longevity!